When LeBron James Writes A Love Letter

I love the drama that comes with watching the sports world. The world cup this summer has been one of the most globally unifying events I can remember. Everyone was watching every match, and we here in the US don’t even know the first thing about Soccer (football, if you live anywhere else in the world).

Or take the olympics. Remember the 17.3 seconds when the Twitter world was up in arms because we would know the results of the events in London hours before they aired prime-time in the US? Remember how it then went on to be the most-watched sporting event in history because no one cares about the sports involved?

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“As You Wish,” Husbands Leading With A Purpose

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“Aaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiish!”

This was the cry of Westley (a.k.a. the Dread Pirate Roberts) after being pushed down a hill in The Princess Bride, the beloved 1987 film by Rob Reiner. His long unrequited love, Buttercup, had pushed him over the edge; she had yet to discover that this Pirate who had taken her captive was, in fact, her long lost love and stable boy, Westley.

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