Back From Vacation (Sabbath?)

Today is our first day back from vacation. It was a great week in the Cape Fear area of North Carolina.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 8.25.06 PM

We got to take our little guy to the beach for the first time, and it was just a great opportunity to regroup as a family. We had no wifi and phone reception was very spotty. So we spent time together. We rested when we were tired. We went out and found something to do when we were bored. We played, sang, swam and snuggled (the little guy’s expiration on snuggles will come all too soon, we hear). It was incredibly relaxing and refreshing.

I noticed two things about taking a week away.

First, When you think about it, times like this week were designed by our creator. That was the original intent behind the Sabbath. Jesus said, “The Sabbath was created for man.” (Mark 2:27). Every week we would take a day out to rest and recreate. In Old Testament Israel, there was even a Sabbath year every seven years, where no planting or harvesting was done (hence, our word, “sabbatical”). And every seventh Sabbath year was a Jubilee (or a real shindig). We need times to rest, recreate and recharge, even if it’s not out-of-town.

Second, by the time we left, we were ready to get back. I was itching to write again, and just dying for a new book to read. Mallorie was ready to be home, too, and to get back into a more normal routine. That’s the funny thing about good, Sabbath rest. It gives you a renewed appreciation and excitement for the work you were made to do (yes, we were made to work!). 

So it is good to be back. I’m excited to be posting more often. And I’m starting to think that the Big Guy upstairs knows more about work flow than I do.

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