Happy Father’s Day!

It is Father’s Day weekend, and what a great time to honor our dads! (You know though, that whole “honor your father and mother” thing was probably not intended to be for just Mother’s Day and Father’s day)

All kidding aside, My dad is a great man. He taught me about morality and integrity. Never once have I had to question whether he was really the man in private that he let people see in person. I never felt like there was a “work” and “home” version of my Dad. He is a man of great integrity. He made it to all my sporting events and was incredibly supportive (even though I stunk) and he supported me in following something I love when I finally went off to study music.

I’ve been blessed with a great dad.

But not everyone has. Here are some thoughts on Father’s Day that can hopefully reach everyone.

God is the Perfect Father

This day is really about honoring those men who are physically here with us, in person, guiding us through life. But even those who had great fathers had imperfect fathers. Those who had bad fathers, or are themselves imperfect fathers can rest easy. We have a perfect Father in Heaven.

Some people may bristle at that thought because their conception of “Father” is one of negativity and bad memories. But imagine all those things in reverse and that is your Heavenly Father.

He is loving, kind, “long-suffering” (which means he has a long fuse), just, patient and caring. He is personable and tells us we can come to him with everything. So honor your dad this weekend — however imperfect he might be — because you have a Father in Heaven who loves you perfectly!

God is our Model Father

Not only is God the perfect Father, we can make him the Model Father. This is for those dads that are out there. At some point we have to decide how we are going to raise our kids. What values will we instill in them? That can only be answered by the set of values we hold dear ourselves.

Me personally? More than anything else, I want Cade to look at me and understand God more fully. I’m not perfect, but more than a certain morality, more than a certain set of ethics, more than religion or hard work or a love for reading (all of which I hope to instill in him) I want him to learn that “Father” is someone who lovingly and patiently guides, who is approachable and will love unconditionally. I want him to see that in me so that he can learn to see that in God.

It’s Not Too Late

I just finished a ministry at a church with several older folks in the congregation. One of the things I saw over and over was that in the later stages of life, the down-the-road reality doesn’t always match the ideal (like the one this young father expressed above). That can be the source of much emotional pain and suffering, and that angst is not part of God’s will.

God is a God of reconciliation. He desires healed relationships and restored order between people. He is continually sanctifying us (making us Holy) from day one to our last breath. We shouldn’t think, “well now it’s too late.” If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year, it is the power of a Father’s life being changed and the ripple that causes in a family.

Humility and obedience before God speaks volumes when a father lets his family see that, especially if he never had before. It is never too late to show your kids the love your Father has for you.

I hope this father’s day is a day of rejoicing for you. God bless all you father’s and [someday] fathers out there!

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