Addicted – Days 4 & 5

[I’m kicking coffee to the curb! Follow the journey Day 1, Day 2, Day 3]

Stick around the coffee-drinking world long enough and you will inevitably run into plenty coffee-via-intravenous-drip related humor. Case in point:

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.47.40 AM




There is a whole “drug culture” around being a coffee fiend. People know their different types of beans and their different roasts, they know how they like it brewed — french press, drip, espresso, etc. Coffee is a big deal to those who love it.

If anyone ever dared suggest I drink less (just ask my wife), I would scoff and suggest that said party had lost their mind! Often I would think, “If they just tried it they’d love it and be hooked and we could drink coffee together!”

If you’re a coffee drinker, you know you’ve had those thoughts about your non-coffee-drinking friends, too.

But again I circle back to this idea of being “addicted to Jesus.” The metaphor only goes so far, but this is one place where it is pertinent.

As Christians, do we desire Jesus in a way that cuts right to our heart? “Jesus on IV,” so to speak?

As believers, do we know Jesus the way we know coffee (or sports, or fashion, or _____ for that matter)?

As people that claim to know Jesus, do we have a passion for everyone we meet to just get a taste of the goodness, love and grace given to us by our father in Heaven? So much so that we just want to find ways to introduce people to that love? Do we desire everyone around us to engage in relationship with Him, certain that it would make all the difference in the world to them?

That’s what addicts do.

Here’s where the metaphor falls apart. Drug addictions are ways to escape reality. Being in relationship with Jesus is the most true expression of reality in the universe (after all, when a guy says he’s God, predicts his resurrection from the grave and then DOES IT, his words kind of carry a little weight).

Caffeine Journal

  • Day: 4-5
  • Intake: One Cup of Tea in the morning. THAT WAS IT! (roughly 50mg Caffeine)
  • Symptoms: Gone. Felt great with even more energy than normal.
  • Weakness: I tried both mornings to put off the cup of tea, but by mid-morning, I really missed it. There is a certain amount of habit and routine here on top of the caffeine issue.
  • In A Word: Hope

[Photo Credit: Dusty J via Compfight cc]

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