Addicted – Day 3

[I’m kicking caffeine to the curb. Follow along Day 1 Day 2]

Friday was day three of this journey. It was the best day yet. I had one cup of *gasp* coffee in the morning, at the insistence of a neighbor that had me into his home. How do you say no to that?

But that was it. Pretty good energy the remainder of the day, no headaches, although I hydrated like crazy!

The result: when you do the things your body was designed to do, you feel better!

The same is true of our spiritual formation (maturation): When we do the things we were designed to do, God’s blessings will follow.

At the risk of oversimplifying, we were designed to have a relationship with our creator. Diving headlong into this claim is a bit more ambitious a task than I care to take on here on the blog, but for a primer, read Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Matthew 6:33, Mark 12:30, and John 17:22-24. God designed us to seek him, to be in intimate relationship with him.

Coffee isn’t where we were designed to glean energy. As a result, seeking energy in the wrong places led to headaches and, ironically, depleted energy.

In the same way, we often seek to feed our spirit in places that are not designed for maximum fulfillment. We elevate things in our life to the place that is meant for God to the point of dependency. We let it all ride on our job, our family, our marriage, our fitness, and our spiritual happiness is determined day to day by how well those things fulfill our expectations.

None of those things (kinda like coffee) are bad in and of themselves, but they were never meant to have that much riding on them (again, like coffee). They are good things, but as many pastors have said before me, When a Good thing becomes a “God” thing, that’s a bad thing.

When we depend on other things to give us what a relationship with our Creator was meant to fulfill, we will be left feeling spiritually ill more often than not.

Caffeine Journal

  • Day: 3
  • Intake: 1 Cup of coffee (roughly 80-100mg of Caffeine)
  • Symptoms: Largely absent!
  • Weakness: I REALLY wanted an evening cup of something (anything!) in the afternoon/evening
  • In A Word: Progress

Have you ever quit an addiction? Share your story below!

Photo Credit: dsevilla via Compfight cc

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