The church isn’t dying.

I kn0w we think that the world is moving to a more “post-Christian” era. There have been several articles written about the “nones,” a demographic that claims no religious affiliation. Everything is subjective. No one can claim to know anything is true. ‘Merica is growing increasingly secular and the “religious right” (gag) is in a tizzy.

Everyone is Chicken Little.

The sky is always falling.

The church is [supposedly] dying.

But we know the end of the story. We’ve skipped ahead to the last chapter! JESUS WINS! His Will wins! His Redemption wins! His Truth wins!

I know it’s easy to get swept into fray. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative press, and the signs that the world could care less. Heck, I’ve gotten caught up in it. For all we know, the Church could be going through a transformation. Things are definitely changing. The structures and churches that we know may pass away. For all we know, America itself could pass away. Who knows what would follow in its place. But that thought is a great chance to ask where our loyalties actually lie.

Every once in a while, it’s good to remember that in the end, Jesus wins!

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