Memorizing Romans 8 – Jan. 30 Update

This is a very interesting idea. I’m inspired to try memorizing a large passage

Have you ever tried to memorize a large portion of Scripture? How did it go? What did you find?


I have not done very well these last 20 days in my progress of memorizing all of Romans 8 ( “WILL YOU TRAIN WITH ME? – Dec. 29th” ) .  I have only added five more verses.  I got all out of whack with my memorizing times and sort of lost steam.  I have to admit that the reasoning behind making my public post is serving its purpose.  I was very tempted to bail on my goal this last week.  That is when I was reminded that the purpose of this exercise it to store up God’s word in my heart.  Hey, I got five more verses stored up.  I praise God for that.

Romans 8 vs 1-15 pg 2


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